Join us March 12th, for the 112th Explorers Club Annual Dinner celebrating, OCEANS: Current of Life. Our oceans are at a critical juncture; they are one of our last unexplored frontiers and are in need of protection from human impact. This year’s ECAD will celebrate the cutting-edge science and exploration happening in our oceans while highlighting projects aimed to preserve and protect vital marine ecosystems.

We are returning to the Waldorf Astoria and many surprises await you and your guests! To begin the evening, our menu of exotics will focus on marine invasive species. Think beyond the cockroaches and scorpions to animals and plants that now live in ecosystems where they do not belong, threatening the natural balance. The dinner program will highlight our accomplished awardees listed below and we are excited to announce we will be retiring the Titanic Flag! We hope you will join us for what will certainly be an unforgettable night celebrating exploration and the ocean!


The Explorers Club Medal

Frederick Roots, O.C., Ph.D.

A legendary Polar scientist, expedition leader, and explorer, Dr. Frederick Roots is a Canadian geoscientist, meteorologist, and ecologist. His distinguished career has included the famous Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1949-52), contributing author of the Antarctic Treaty, and developing the Polar Continental Shelf Program. Dr. Roots also holds the record for the longest unsupported dogsled journey (189 days).

The William Beebe Award

Joseph MacInnis, C.M., O.Ont., M.D., F.R.C.P.

Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor who’s pioneering research on undersea science and engineering projects earned him his nation’s highest honor—the Order of Canada. He’s worked under the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He currently studies red-zone leadership and its role in solving global problems like climate change.

Explorers Club Citation of Merit

Edmundo R. Edwards, FI ‘90

Archeoastronomer Edmundo Edwards, a 45 year resident of Easter Island, has devoted his life to the scientific study, survey of numerous sites and preservation of the archaeology and culture of the Polynesia. Co-founder the Pacific Islands Research Institute (PIRI), Edwards works tirelessly towards continued discovery, analysis, documentation, restoration and understanding of South Pacific history and cultures. Co-author with his daughter Alexandra Edwards of "When the Universe was an Island", a very thorough study of the history and cultures of Polynesia.

The Edward C. Sweeney Memorial Medal

Constance Difede, LM ‘01

Assiduous officer of The Explorers Club, Constance Difede currently serves as Vice President for Special Projects and Director emerita. Ms. Difede has formerly served as Vice President and Chair of Flag and Honors, Chair of Management and Nominating Committee, and as a major contributor the Bylaws Committee. An accomplished field explorer, she has been an active member of multiple Explorers Club Flag expeditions.


Thursday March 10th

Explorers Club Headquarters

: Chapter Chairs Dinner

Friday March 11th

Explorers Club Headquarters

: New Members Reception


: Members Only Reception

Saturday March 12th

10:00-11:30: Panel Discussion: Creatively Community Exploration

at Waldorf Duke of Windsor Room


: VIP Lunch

at Explorers Club Headquarters


: Panel Discussion: Tech for Exploring the Extremes

at Waldorf Duke of Windsor Room

Waldorf Astoria Grand Ballroom

: VIP Reception


: General Reception


: Dinner Program

Sunday March 13th

Explorers Club Headquarters
10:00 am:

Annual Meeting

Open to Explorers Club Members ONLY
11:00 am:

Sunday Clubhouse Events Begin

Open to Members and Ticketed ECAD Guests ONLY

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