Audun Amundsen started out as a birdwatcher in his childhood, continued to research bird migration and population through bird-ringing and became at one point one of the youngest persons in Norway having seen most bird species in the country.

His endeavors led him to the art of bird identification drawing, which further expanded into photography and filmmaking.

In 2004, after two years of traveling around Asia with his Hasselblad-camera, Audun came across a traditional culture living in a neolithic past on the island of Siberut, west of Sumatra in Indonesia. At the time he ended up living there for over one month, but this immersive experience led him to an all-encompassing project; the documentary Newtopia.

From 2009 after recovering from a stroke and a heart operation, he left Norway again, and this time he stayed with the jungle people for three years. In Newtopia he documents the clashes between their traditional lifestyle and the outside world. Having learned their unwritten language he had the privilege to get unique insight into their hopes, dreams and aspirations. The film has been funded by the Norwegian Art Council, Midnordic Filmcenter and The Norwegian Filminstitute, and has an estimated premiere in the start of 2018. Audun has produced over 300 hours of spontaneous footage from a culture in demise.

In this lecture you will see exclusive clips from the coming film. The life and mindset of the indigenous people will be demystified and we will look at an intricate economical system having existed for millenias. Can we learn something from these traditional cultures, and do we have something to give them?

At the time of writing, multinational plantation companies are again threatening their land. In July-August 2016 Audun sets out to do his last shooting period for his film. He is now trying to initiate a project to save the rainforest and provide solar electricity for the people. For the lecture he will bring back fresh information directly from the field. Until then you can follow the project at

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